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  • Domosedan Gel

    Sold as a single tube. This product is classified as POM-V. POM-V products can only be dispensed in two specific scenarios:
    1. The patient is currently under the care of Farr and Pursey Equine, has been seen by one of the veterinary surgeons and consequently prescribed the product. This also includes the provision of ongoing medication for long term conditions (which are subject to individual case review before being issued).
    2. A veterinary prescription has been issued and has been reviewed by a dispensing veterinary surgeon within Farr & Pursey Equine.
    Domosedan Gel can be used to provide sedation to facilitate restraint for non-invasive veterinary procedures (e.g. passage of naso-gastric tube, radiography, rasping teeth) and minor husbandry procedures (e.g. clipping, shoeing).
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  • Veterinary Calm +

    Veterinary Calm + is a feedingstuff designed to be fed to aid in the maintenance of normal nervous function. This supplement supplies generous levels of L-Tryptophan and Magnesium, with the addition of the live yeast Saccharomyces Cervisiae.
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