April 2015 is Lamintis Month at Farr & Pursey Equine – in this month we will be posting various practical advice tips on how to recognise, manage and treat the condition.

  • Yard Talks

    Get in touch with the practice to book your yard talk on laminitis – its presentation, diagnosis, treatment & more importantly, how you can prevent your horse suffering from the condition.

  • Preventative Management

    Speak to us about your specific case – do you need a nutritional plan constructing to help prevent further episodes or need some radiographs interpreting? Call us to talk about your horse.

  • Laminitic Xrays

    Special Offer – Laminitic X-Rays and Report for £100 (13th-17th April)

    For only £100 we will visit your yard and take side-on x-rays of your horse’s feet to assess for any signs of laminitis. This will then be followed up with a full written report detailing all the angles and measurements that are vital to know when checking for signs of laminitis. You will also receive digital copies of the x-rays and both the x-rays and measurements can be sent to your farrier. Please note this offer is excluded from our regular Prompt Payment Discount.

  • Discounted Lab Fees - Test for Cushings

    £5 discount on laboratory fees for blood samples tested for Cushing’s Disease (20th-24th April)

    Did you know – up to 90% of cases of laminitis are caused by underlying endocrine disorders, most notably Cushing’s Disease? And that once a horse has been diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, they are FIVE times more likely to suffer from laminitis than a horse without the condition? Prevention is better than cure! We are offering £5 off the laboratory fees for any blood sample tested for Cushing’s Disease during this week.

  • Weigh-In Clinics

    Yard Visits with Weighbridge and Nutrition Expert from Dodson & Horrell

    Unsure of how much your horse weighs or what his ideal weight should be? Not sure if you are giving him the right diet? On April 24th, 27th & 28th we will be visiting yards (of 10 or more horses) with a nutrition expert from Dodson & Horrell. We will have a mobile weighbridge and will be able to weigh and condition score your horse and give advice on feeding to maintain your horse’s correct bodyweight.


    Please contact the Practice to find out more about these offers and to book you visit/appointment now.

Are you unsure about some aspects of Laminitis? If so, why not download our factsheet, which can also be found on our healthcare pages.

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