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Up to 62%* of our horse population may be obese!

This is a very scary statistic, but studies have shown between 21-62% of our horses are obese. Other studies show our native breeds are up to 13 times ** more likely to become obese. So does it matter?


* Harker et al 2011

** Giles et al 2014

Obesity in horses causes massive issues very similar to that in people. One of the most significant risks related to obesity is the increased prevalence of laminitis. As all horse owners know laminitis can also result in loosing a horse. Therefore managing and identifying obesity is key.

weigh bridge

As part of the Farr & Pursey Fit Club we are offering free weight clinics using our weigh bridge***. We actively encourage setting up a regular (monthly) visit date to monitor weight over time. We can track your horses weight over time and inform you of your horses progress. We will also discuss diet, pasture / grazing management, worming, dentition and general health (sometimes using blood samples as necessary ) in order to help manage and control your horses weight.

*** Free weight clinic – this involves free use of weigh bridge and no visit charge if four or more horses are seen.

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