During the summer months Sweet Itch can be an uncomfortable and demoralising condition for many horses and ponies. We would always recommend that patients try to avoid the times of the day when flies and midges are at their peak, in conjunction with the use of rugs and topical medications. However, we do know that some individuals are particularly susceptible and, despite the best management efforts, still suffer from the condition.

Over the past few years, a product designed to help vaccinate against ‘ringworm’ has helped reduce the clinical signs in these cases. We are able to offer this treatment at Farr and Pursey Equine. However, there are some strict criteria for its use. Due to the ‘off license use’ of this product we would need to see each horse prescribed the vaccine and have a discussion about their previous history before its use.

If you would like your horse to receive this treatment in 2018, or you would like to discuss the matter, please fill out the form below.

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    Vaccines will be ordered at the end of January, ready for use in February / March 2018. This is due to the vaccine needs to be given before any clinical signs or flies are present.

    Last orders for the vaccine will be taken in January 2018

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