Head Shaking

Follow this link for Ricky’s latest Horse & Hound column on headshaking and a potential therapy for this condition.

Q: “PENS Therapy: Have any of you sent your horse for PENS Therapy for headshaking? My vet seems keen to try this if the current drug trial doesn’t help, but reading about it I can’t see much point realistically. I understand that it seems to take two or three goes to bring about any short term benefits and then appears to need a “top up” as and when afterwards. At £1500/2000 a go, it’s a no-go for me after the insurance money has run out. However, if anyone has a success story I’d love to hear it, plus any advice you might be able to share. The headshaking problem has been ongoing for nearly a year (on and off) and I’m no nearer to finding what triggers it off.”
Read more at http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/pens-therapy-headshaking-613798#d7UJ1bPopLl5WSWJ.99

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