Regular dental examinations are vital for you horse’s wellbeing.  Routine dental treatments help to ensure the teeth are working efficiently at grinding and breaking down food before it enters the stomach.  If a horse is unable to do this effectively, they will not be able to utilise the nutrients in the feed and may lose weight.  If teeth become sharp and/or large hooks develop, the horse may go on to develop painful cheek ulcers which can reduce performance and make the horse reluctant to eat.  Occasionally we also identify problems such as periodontal disease, fractures and diastemata (gaps between teeth), all of which require more specialist treatment.

For the majority of horses, annual dental checks with routine rasping are sufficient to keep the mouth healthy and the teeth in good order.  Other horses, however, will require more frequent check-ups and may require more specialist procedures.  Horses normally cope very well with routine dental procedures but, for more nervous patients, treatment can be performed under sedation.

As well as routine dental work, we also offer:

  • Wolf teeth removal
  • Remedial dentistry using battery-powered motorised dental equipment
  • Dental radiography
  • Dental surgery, including extractions, under standing sedation

If you would like to discuss the specific dental needs of your horse please do not hesitate to speak to one of the equine vets.

Dental Camera

We now have a specifically designed dental camera, enabling us to have a close up look at the grinding surface of your horses teeth. This is essential in order to pick up early changes and also to help visualise the area when we have specific work to under take on a tooth.

Dental Charts

Get dental charts with every dental exam.

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