Available at Farr & Pursey Equine - Lameness Sensors - A scientific approach to lameness in the horse

Have you ever found yourself saying…
“Something about my horse just isn’t right?”, or
“My horse is not lame…. its just not quite right”


The “Q” is a type of lameness sensor that can help on your yard….. Lameness Locator® enables a us to objectively identify lameness in horses, reducing time from evaluation to localisation and subsequent treatment. The system provides an analysis that indicates whether the horse is lame, the severity of the lameness, the limb or limbs involved, and the part of the motion cycle at which peak pain is occurring.

The Lameness Locator® technology evolved from the development of motion analysis algorithms at the University of Missouri using a high-speed camera and treadmill-based system. The algorithms were developed in a collaborative effort between practicing equine veterinarians, led by Dr. Kevin Keegan, DVM, and engineers, led by Dr. Frank Pai, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer, for the specific purpose of lameness evaluation in horses.  Dr. Pai’s research interest and expertise in “structural damage detection” were instrumental in the development of the algorithms used in Lameness Locator.

The motion variables most likely to detect and quantify lameness were first found using sophisticated data mining search techniques and then tested and validated with robust neural network classification schemes. Later collaboration between the University of Missouri and Dr. Yoshiharu Yanezawa, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Hiroshima Institute of Technology in Japan adopted this analysis approach to a system of wirelessly-transmitted, body-mounted inertial sensors, ideal for field use.  Dr. Yonezawa’s research interest and expertise in “Bio-instrumentation systems” were instrumental in the development of the hardware utilized in Lameness Locator®.

Equinosis® LLC was founded in 2007 in Columbia, Missouri with its first objective to make the Lameness Locator® available to equine veterinarians and to elevate the quality of care, health, and well-being of horses.

credit: Equinosis

You and your horse may benefit from the us using the lameness sensors on your yard. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable equine vets, Hertfordshire based Farr and Pursey can assist. We are passionate about horses and effective, preventative horse care.

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