If you wish to export a horse abroad, either to Europe or further afield, it needs to be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate, as issued by DEFRA and completed by an Official Veterinarian (OV).  Different countries have different requirements with regards to health checks, vaccinations, blood tests, swabs and quarantine requirements that need to be performed prior to export.  The Export Health Certificate will detail the specific tests and requirements for the country of import and it is up to you, the owner, to ensure all these requirements are met prior to the date of export.  Your chosen shipping company may be able to help and advise you on this.

Ireland is the only country which does not require horses to be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate; this is due to a reciprocal arrangement with Great Britain as a result of the frequent movement of racehorses between the two countries.

All the vets at Farr & Pursey Equine are registered as Official Veterinarians and are therefore able to complete Export Health Certificates.  We strongly advise you to plan the export well in advance so that all the necessary tests can be performed and paperwork completed in plenty of time, making the process as smooth as possible.

Either you, as the horse owner, or the transporter should apply to DEFRA for the Export Health Certificate.  For more information regarding the export of horses, please visit the DEFRA website.

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