Ecologi – Carbon Postive Workforce

As part of our ongoing commitment to our sustainability promise we have an update for you.

We know that it’s impossible to become carbon neutral overnight. Therefore we have been making progress in the practice by monitoring and splitting our waste, changing some of our office habits and converting some of the infrastructure within the practice building. However, we wanted to go further…..

Ecologi is a company which can help us offset some of our carbon footprint, whilst we continue to make changes to reduce our overall impact.

In essence, for every member of staff we have committed to pay a premium in order to plant a specified number of trees each month. You can view our profile here. You can also help! By visiting our profile you can also gift a small fee to help plant more trees. Check out our profile page, scroll close to the bottom and click the gift more impact link.

On our home page we are displaying our tree total, so you can see how we are progressing.

Ecologi Screenshot
Responsible tree planting
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