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When purchasing veterinary medicines classified as POM-VPS and NFA-VPS you will be required to complete a questionnaire at checkout. Veterinary medicines will not be despatched unless the questionnaire is properly completed. Our vet/pharmacist/SQP will contact you if they have any queries regarding the appropriateness of the medicine for your animal. Payment for the medicines will not be taken until the questionnaire has been assessed and the supply authorised by our pharmacist.

POM-V medicines will only be supplied against a written prescription (Hard copy required prior to despatch) & posted via recoded delivery / courier, or if your animal is registered at the practice.

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  • Animal Polsta

    Polster Plast is a cross-elastic polyurethane foam bandage used for padding and fixing. It has a strong adhesive on one side. Ideal for covering superficial wounds in conjunction with a non-stick wound dressing. This is an essential for any horse owner! 14cm wide x 2m Long
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  • BozMerix

    BozMerix is a revolutionary complementary feed for horses, designed to be fed as a nutritional adjunct for the maintenance of normal articular, muscular and joint functions. It is particularly useful when added daily to the feed of horses:

    • Showing signs of stiffness
    • That are older
    • During periods of rehabilitation
    • During intense training and competition
    It contains 4 key ingredients:
    • Curcuma Longa
    • Avocado/soybean unsaponifiable (ASU)
    • Omega Powder concentrate (high in EPA and DHA)
    • Boswellia Serrata
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  • Coopers Gut Equalise

    Modern feeding practices can make it difficult to provide the type of diet which is high enough in fibre. Equally management regimes can add additional pressures which influence the balance of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in the gut.  There are a number of factors which can lead to dysbiosis including:
    • Stress
    • Limited turnout
    • Strenuous exercise
    • Transport
    • Management changes
    • Low forage diet
    • High cereal/concentrate diet
    • Feeding and diet changes
    • Antibiotic therapy
    • Weaning
    If any of these factors apply to your horse, short term or on-going, then they may benefit from a product within the Coopers Gut range. Dysbiosis factors are not the only reason a horse could benefit from a Coopers Gut range product. Other reasons to supplement are:
    • To help establish healthy gut flora in a newborn foal
    • To help support and maintain an ideal body condition during periods of high energy demands such as in-foal mares, youngsters and competition horses
    • For horses finding it difficult to maintain body condition
    • To help maintain normal gut function during periods of digestive disturbance
    Coopers Gut Assist comprises of:
    • A prebiotic and postbiotic oral paste to help maintain normal digestive function in foals and adult horses
    Adult Horses:
    • For short term use during times of stress such as transportation, competition and management changes
    • For short term use during periods of digestive imbalance such as change in diet or during antibiotic use
    • To aid in the establishment of normal digestive flora after the first intake of colostrum
    • Maintain normal gut function during foal heat and weaning
    Pack of 5 20g syringes
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  • PolDress Poultice

    A highly absorbent multi-layered and impregnated dressing produced in the specific horseshoe shape for equine foot poulticing. Contains a mild antiseptic boric acid to minimise the risk of infection and promote the healing process. For maximum effect it should be impregnated with water to activate the poulticing agent which will help draw out infected wounds.
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  • Poultice Tape

    Strong, durable tape ideal for poulticing. 48mm x 50m
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  • Soffban

    15cm Synthetic orthopaedic padding. New and perfect stock. Made by BSN Medical in the UK. Long expiry date. This bandage underpadding is frequently used by vets and horse owners in the equestrian world as well for human use. Soffban® Plus is a non-woven undercast padding material made from 90% polyester fibres and 10% acrylic fibres. The fibres contain a bacteriorstatic agent providing odor control. Provides excellent cushioning and protection. Provides exceptional conformability and a smooth profile. Padding allows moisture to pass through so it can evaporate. Very useful as an additional layer between the wound dressing and top bandage e.g. Vetrap or cohesive bandage.
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  • VetSet – ElasTec Adhesive Bandage

    An elastic adhesive bandage that provides strong compression and long lasting support. The zinc oxide adhesive helps it remain in place for extended periods, whilst the water repellent material protects from soaking and soiling. It is also permeable to air to aid the healing process.
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  • WrapTec Cohesive Bandage 10cm wide

    The Vetset WrapTec is a self-adhering bandage, ideal for holding dressings and providing support during strenuous exercise. Care must be taken when used for over padding to avoid restriction to blood flow. Easy to tear, WrapTec will conform to hold dressings securely, allowing movement without slippage. Individually packed to avoid contamination.
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  • Domosedan Gel

    Sold as a single tube. This product is classified as POM-V. POM-V products can only be dispensed in two specific scenarios:
    1. The patient is currently under the care of Farr and Pursey Equine, has been seen by one of the veterinary surgeons and consequently prescribed the product. This also includes the provision of ongoing medication for long term conditions (which are subject to individual case review before being issued).
    2. A veterinary prescription has been issued and has been reviewed by a dispensing veterinary surgeon within Farr & Pursey Equine.
    Domosedan Gel can be used to provide sedation to facilitate restraint for non-invasive veterinary procedures (e.g. passage of naso-gastric tube, radiography, rasping teeth) and minor husbandry procedures (e.g. clipping, shoeing).
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