COVID-19 – 25th March 2020

This post provides further clarification to the changes that have been made to our veterinary service after advice published by one of our governing bodies.

Farr and Pursey Equine is only providing emergency cover, which will continue to be a 24/7 service.

What constitutes an emergency?

If you horse has colic, is sick, injured, is unable to eat, immobile, non weight bearing on a limb, or has sustained a traumatic wound we will attend as soon as physically possible. This list is far from exhaustive. Therefore, please call the practice if you have any questions and you will be called back by one of our vets in order to make a decision whether a case needs to be seen immediately.

If your horse requires immediate medication or warrants further diagnostics in order to prevent suffering or any welfare concerns an appointment will be arranged for you.

If you have any concerns or questions as to whether your animal needs to see a vet please call the practice on 01442 851921.

What visits are being postponed?

In accordance with our governing body, all visits that are not essential or do not fall into the emergency category are being postponed. These include:
* Routine flu vaccinations. This is under advisement from our governing body and is due for review in 4 weeks. We are very aware of the implications of such a decision with regards to competitions. We will be keeping you up to date as soon as we hear from any of the competing governing bodies. Please contact the practice if you have a mare due to foal or your horse is within their primary course of vaccinations.
* Pre Purchase Exams
* Routine lameness workups
* Poor performance exams
* Routine dental work. If your horse has ongoing dental issues, has any issues eating, facial swellings or nasal discharges please call the practice to speak to one of our vets.
* Routine health checks

Whats happens if I have an appointment already booked in?

In this instance most clients over the next week have already been called to either re-arrange or find an alternative treatment plan. If you have an appointment scheduled please call the practice and we will advise according to each individual case.

If I have an appointment, what can I do to prepare for the visit?

We are following the government guidelines as much as humanly possible. However we also feel we can do more to ensure the safety of both yourself and our staff.
* Please make us aware if either yourself or if any family member within your household has had any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or is in self isolation, please make our office staff aware of this before the vet arrives.
* Where possible please ensure only the owner / handler is present.
* If you are on livery yard please make sure no-one else is around whilst we are present.
* Please wash your hands before and after any visit.
* Please maintain at least a 2 m distance from the vet.
* If possible please put a head collar on your horse, tie them safely to a tie ring with ‘baler twine / band’ and stand outside the stable, but keeping the horse in view. If it is safe to do so, the vet will conduct their physical exam with you outside the stable – trying to keep physical distancing as much as possible.
* Discussions about treatment plans will take place outside the stable & if necessary will be continued via phone call.
* Please do not touch any equipment the vet may have with them unless asked to do so.

Can I pick up medication?

We are still dispensing medication, however have obviously changed the way in which this is done. Collections can be made in specific instances and each owner will be informed where and how this can be collected. Please call the practice to organise this. Although our office is intermittently staffed, please do not attempt to come into the office in order to collect any medication.

We are requesting all non-insured appointments are paid for at the time where possible. We are continuing to offer the prompt payment discount and all vets have the capacity to take payments at the time of the visit.

These recommendations may change as we receive advice from our governing bodies. We will continue to post updates as regularly as possible.

We are offering telemedicine consults in several ways. If you would have normally booked an appointment please call the practice as normal. You will then be offered several options:

  • Telephone calls – A telephone consult with the vet to address your concerns, offer help and advice and if necessary advise a treatment protocol. A small cost will be incurred.
  • Video conference calls – Booked again like a routine visit you will be allocated a time slot to have a video conference call with one of the vets. At this point it may be possible to view the horse and give a clinical opinion on the individual case. At present we are requesting clients either use Apple FaceTime or WhatsApp video calls. A small cost will be incurred.
  • Videos / Images – In certain instances we will be able to advise you on your horse’s health with the use of videos and images. Again please call the practice and you will be contacted directly by the vet who will be assigned to your animal. A small cost will be incurred.
  • Nurse Clinics – We are still keen to provide preventative health and welfare advice even during this period of social distancing. Lisa will be holding twice weekly nurse clinical via telephone and video calls on Mondays and Thursdays. Please call the practice to book your appointment. This is ideal for advice on weight management and feeding. This is still a FREE service.

If you have any further question or comments please call the practice. Otherwise please stay safe.

Kind regards, Rick, Nikki, Orla, Lisa and Chloe.

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