Manica Flexoria

Case Presentation:

This was a 22 year old Welsh Section B, who came in from the field 8/10th lame on the left hind limb. There was a significant swelling just above the fetlock (as shown in the picture). There was a focal area of pain when palpated just over the location of the Manica Flexoria.


The Manica Flexoria is an “extension / band like structure” of the Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon (SDFT) that wraps the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon (DDFT) just above the fetlock.

Manica Dorsoplantar
Manica Lateral

So what did we do:

  • On the basis of the acute on set and clinical findings we put local anaesthetic into the tendon sheath – this resulted in a sound horse.
  • At the same time we put Barium into the tendon sheath and performed a contrast study. The images are seen to the left.
  • From the scan and X-ray images we knew there was a potential tear in the Manica.
  • We then referred the horse for surgery.

This video shows the damaged Manica Flexoria

This video shows the damaged Manica Flexoria removed

The removal of the manica has resulted in a completely sound horse who is now back into work. All of the diagnostic workup was done at the yard – including all of the X-rays, scans and contrast study. Give the practice a call to see if we can help your horse.

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