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KBHH (Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy) is a campaign designed to help minimise illness and disease in the 1 million horses we have stabled throughout Britain.

The campaigns main mission is to reduce the risk of illness and disease to Britain’s horses by focusing on the benefits of preventative healthcare and encouraging its adoption amongst owners.

Engaging nationally and locally with vets, owners and livery yards, they celebrate and recognise the role our national stable has played in shaping the Britain we live in today.

Focusing on preventative health, KBHH will target key health areas, starting with infectious diseases.

Bringing together the vet, livery yard owner and horse owner the campaign ensures best practices are shared and adopted.

Managing preventative healthcare and biosecurity on yards is crucial in protecting the health and welfare of the herd and in safeguarding equestrian business.
Yet despite this, biosecurity is a poorly understood subject and is often seen as an unnecessary obstacle which is both difficult and time consuming to implement.

KBHH Yard Master is a tool designed to help efficiently perform a full biosecurity risk assessment of a yard and generate a report with targeted and achievable recommended actions.


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In essence we will come to your yard (FOR FREE!) and assess how you can make subtle changes to management of the yard and people to help minimise the risk of disease. You may say…. “We have never had an outbreak of disease on our yard for 30 yrs, why change anything now?”. The answer is you have been lucky and it is not a matter of if you have an outbreak, but when you have the outbreak. Times have changed and the management of yard is considerably different to even 15 years ago. The increased international travel of horses significantly increases the risk of disease transmission.

At this point we often hear “But my horse never goes anywhere! We only hack and no one else travels anywhere on our yard”.  This does mean your risk is significantly lower, however is this the case for the yard down the road, or the local show you went to last week – individuals (both horse and owner) can present potential issues for increasing disease risk, which can then be transferred to your yard.

This yard assessment helps quantify that risk and gives you practical advice on how to minimise it. See the video below for more details.

KBHH Yard Master at Farr and Pursey Equine

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