Horse & Hound Podcasts

So you have a spare 40 mins in the car, or you need something new to listen to whilst mucking out…. why not try the new Horse and Hound Podcast?

You are probably wondering why we are promoting the podcasts? Well, not only do they provide you with up-to-date news and advice they may also feature a familiar voice!!

I have to admit – it was quite exciting accepting the offer to record a few podcasts on veterinary topics…. until the day of recording them. For each podcast I have done about an hours additional research, trying to make the information I give as concise and current as possible. The team at Horse and Hound have been fantastic to work with and I have another session looming for more future episodes.

Here is the link to Horse and Hound Podcast webpage and also a link to the PodTail Website

Happy listening!

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