Mobile Gastroscopy

Mobile Gastroscopy now available – call the practice to get an appointment booked

For many years practices have been able to offer gastroscopy ( placing a camera into the stomach ) looking for ‘stomach ulcers’ in your horse. However, until recently this has been a procedure often undertaken within a practice / hospital. NOT NOW!

At Farr & Pursey Equine we have a state of the art gastroscopy system which does not require any mains electricity. So what if you said “I need a horse scoping in the middle of a field!?” …. not a problem! Our system is fully mobile and in the vast majority of cases we are able to scope your horse in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

The diagnosis of Equine Gastric Squamous Disease (EGSD) and Equine Gastric Glandular Disease (EGGD), often referred to as “stomach ulcers” has never been so accessible to patients. You can be there whilst we look inside your horse – giving you as an owner a better understanding of what is happening to your horse. We will also always give you the opportunity to have the images for your own reference.

MedView Gastro

This image shows how simple the process is!

Mobile Gastroscopy

Want to know more about the specific system….. Check out this link to the MEDView DV Gastro System

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